Nat. Drug Strategy Public Consultation

These are the points the South East Regional Family Support Network want  included in the next National Drug Strategy.

  • Implementation of a Recovery model that recognises that as well as abstinence from problematic substance use, it should be taken to include meaningful participation in society, employment, housing status and relations with family and friends.
  • Design and commission recovery orientated services that provide meaningful outcomes for problematic substance users their families and wider society
  • Ensure services users & families are involved in planning and commissioning of services
  • Ensure there are wrap around services to support the recovery process
  • Ensure that families are treated as service users in their own right and are offered a needs assessment and support plan.
  • Implement supports for children affected by parental problem substance use.
  • Introduce decriminalisation of possession of drugs for personal use support by access to recovery services
  • Equal access to recovery services for people living in rural areas.
  • Resource and support a public awareness campaign on the issue of intimidation and the promotion of the Drug Related Intimidation Reporting Programme, alongside an evaluation of this programme to ensure barriers and gaps in family members reporting intimidation are addressed.
  • Ensure that the voices of family members are heard and that they are involved in all decision making structures.
  • Support kinship carers by resourcing support and information specifically for this group
  • Develop and resource respite grants for family members affected by a relative’s substance misuse.
  • Ensure that family members have access to Naloxone and receive training on how to administer it.


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