Family Support Group

"In 2003 when I discovered my son was a heroin addict I tried in desperation to seek help, going through the yellow pages, making phone calls , trying to find information I thought would be of help to my son and myself. After fruitless and extensive searches I realised I was alone. That was when the seed was sown to set up a family support group. I knew I was not the only parent who was in desperate need of answers and that there must be many more parents seeking what I was. So in February I held my first family support group meeting and as they say the rest is history. It has gone from strength to strength. We made a Banner last year  in our group that tells our stories, some very sad, but we shared laughter and tears, we  shared hugs,  we received and needed.  Every encouragement was given and  graciously accepted.  Our banner tells a thousand stories. We were very proud to have our banner hang in the church at the memorial service for all those who died as a result of drug misuse."

From a member of the FSG in the South East

Family Support Group

"My experience of Family Support is a very positive one , where people in the same situation come together and share their joys, sorrows and get support.  As a member of a family support group I  took time get away from my situation for a short respite, this was an amazing experience for me that helped me explore my own thoughts into my personal  and spiritual life.

Family support is a lifeline and I am so grateful for it."

From a member of the FSG in the South East

Family Support Group

"This time last year I lost myself through my son’s and husband's addiction and my own pain of abuse. The pain tore me to shreds. But then I found family support,  it’s been a long road a year ago this week. But thanks to the most caring, kind and heartfelt people that I came to know in the groups I have come a long way. I began a training course to facilitate a family support group and through the training and the most powerful love I ever received from the people involved I am now a stronger person. I have learned to deal with situations differently, I don’t torture myself  like I used to do, I don’t blame myself anymore for the problems. I realise I am human and I deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. I love all the people in the group, they have thought me so much and showed me how to have fun again."

From a member of the FSG in the South East


"In April I had the offer of respite, which I gladly accepted it was for me another valuable learning experience. It was a chance for me to explore my inner self and to rid myself of all the negative thoughts and feelings that were weighing me down and holding me back. As well as meeting a whole new group of friends I left with if not a new heart but certainly a much lighter one."

From a member of the FSG in the South East


"As someone who is relatively new to family support, I would like, on behalf of my wife and I, to thank each and every one of you for a weekend that will stay in our memories for a very long time to come. We met people that made us laugh, and we met people that made us cry, but we all felt that we were not alone, and that feeling that we are all in this nightmare together makes it that little bit easier to deal with. so again thank you all so much."

From a member of the FSG in the South East

Sibling Support

 "I felt so alone when I found out my brother was a heroin addict. The guilt, the shame and the frustration were all so overwhelming.  For years, his addiction had taken over my life. Finally I reached my breaking point I found the sibling support group. I was given a lifeline. At the first meeting, I found hope. I found relief when I realised I wasn’t on my own. The group has changed my life, I am learning to let go and realise that my brother’s addiction is not my responsibility I can’t control or cure it. The group has helped me to take control back for my own life and start enjoying and looking after myself. I understand more now about the stages of addiction which helps me to cope better with my brother’s addiction and behavior.

 My brother's addiction had become a huge focus in the family household. Going to the sibling support group gave me a chance to share and talk with other siblings and realise that I am important too. I’m getting stranger and hope that one day I will have the strength that I see in other siblings in my group and have the control of my life again."

From a member of the Sibling Support Group

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How the SERFSN can help you?
  • You can contact us if you are living with drug use in your family.
  • We will listen and offer support in a confidential and non judgmental way.
  • We provide information on local treatment and community services in your area.
  • We will introduce you to your local family support group.
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